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Nick & Emily - Red Deer Sept 2022
Amanda was amazing! We met up for a few dance lessons before our wedding! We only met for 3 or 4 meetings but with the dance we came up with as a group, we have heard non stop good things about our first dance! She was easy to book with and definitely worth the value!
James & Darby - Red Deer Sept 2022
My husband surprised me with dance lessons with Amanda before our wedding. We had so much fun working with Amanda and choreographing our first dance. I wish we had scheduled more time before the wedding to take additional lessons and practice, but Amanda was able to work wonders in the two lessons we had. Dance lessons were really great activity to do before the wedding to get away from the chaos, relieve some stress and learn something new. Amanda was great to work with, she’s so supportive and creative! Thanks so much Amanda!
Breanna & Matt - Red Deer May 2022
Amanda is a wonderful dance instructor who takes the time to get to know each couple. She ensures to give lots of options to suit each dancer's style and ability. My finacé and I have really enjoyed our sessions and especially appreciate her attention to detail to make our dance as best as it can be!
Taylor & Brad - Red Deer April 2022
Me and my boyfriend have been taking lessons with Amanda for a few months now and absolutely loving it! We aren’t taking lessons for any particular event or anything we just were looking to improve our skills and find a fun activity to do together. We have been taking two steps lessons and with just a few lessons in you can definitely see a difference. Amanda makes everything really easy to follow and goes as fast or as slow as you need, and she also makes it fun! We would recommend her to any couple looking to improve their dancing skills, or just looking for a fun activity to do together!
Frank & Tanya - Red Deer March 2022
Amanda is great. Attentive engaging and shares her enthusiasm. Great instructor . Look forward to learning new dances.
Mike & Snezanna - Red Deer February 2022
Amanda does a great job teaching you and within a few classes will have you dancing your chosen style. She is very friendly and easy to deal with my wife and I enjoy our lessons
Dalton and Charlotte - Red Deer October 2021
Amanda was able to take us two dancing amateurs and help us choreograph the most wonderful Cinderella & Prince Charming first dance for our wedding. She was able to do lessons with us weekly and did such a fantastic job with us in such a short amount of time. Her energy and enthusiasm is unmatched by any other and we always looked forward to our lessons with her. We would recommend anyone out there looking to make their first dance a little extra special to reach out to Amanda and get signed up for dance lessons straight away.
James and Catherine - Red Deer August 2021
We took dance lessons for our first dance at our wedding with Amanda. What an absolute treat it was to work with Amanda throughout our lessons. Every week we looked forward to going to our lessons. She made everything fairly easy to do and was extremely helpful in making our big first dance a huge success. Would absolutely recommend Amanda to anyone who wants to have a great first dance, or anybody who wants a great dance instructor to help them out on any dance they wish to learn.
Peter and Olga - Red Deer November 2020
My wife and I had the good fortune to have Amanda instruct us in various dance skills.  We both found her to be an excellent instructor.  She is able to demonstrate and explain the various skills in a manner that is understandable to each individual.  We found Amanda to be patient and encouraging and with an excellent sense of humour that also made our lessons fun.  As a result,  we have become reasonably competent (in our minds) social dancers.   We immensely enjoyed learning to dance with Amanda , and when this unfortunate covid situation is resolved, we will be taking more lessons from her.   We highly recommend her for any dance instruction anyone would need.
Nichole Jarvis & Braden - Red Deer August 2020
Amanda is fun and punctual, ready to let you bring in your own ideas into your dance lessons. The price was great and her working with our schedules has been more than helpful. She demonstrates patience and is very knowledgeable in the world of dance.
Sarah Archer - Red Deer August 2020
Very flexible and knowledgeable. You can tell she loves what she does. Reminds you to have fun while learning! Great quality and even greater value.
Sonya Macdonald - Red Deer August 2020
Very informative, reminds you that a little hard work goes a long way. I look forward to future classes.
Ashley Meyers & Delane - Red Deer August 2020
Brooke Abel - Red Deer August 2020
My husband and I have been wanting to take lessons together for a couple of years. We watched our friends dance at their wedding after they had seen Amanda several times, & their dance was beautiful We then got to see Amanda dance at the wedding and we were blown away! We booked in with her & not going to lie I was hesitant because I've always felt uncomfortable when someone wants to dance. Our first lesson flew by in 2 seconds and we had a lot of fun. We purchased a package of lessons with her and its been so much fun! Never thought I'd say that I actually love learning how to dance PROPERLY! Amanda is professional, patient, & full of life. We will without a doubt continue taking lessons with her because you can never stop learning.. especially when your learning from the best! Its a great skill to have & something to do with your partner that keeps you active and healthy! Book and appointment with Amanda and I guarentee you'll have fun & want to go back! 10/10 recommend!
Emilee - Red Deer October 2019
Excellent teacher, very friendly, knowledgeable! Flexible hours and reliable. She was very supportive, even when we were new to dancing, and took the time to make sure we learned each step correctly. Will definitely be returning for more lessons, and highly recommend her for anyone wanting to learn the right way! -A&E
Kaylyn - Red Deer October 2019
We feel like we will be able to execute the dance steps we learned with more confidence after having Amanda coach us!
Kimberly - Red Deer June 2019
Amanda was very professional and encouraging. My husband and I took dance lessons for our first dance song at our wedding, and she made it super simple to learn. Amanda taught us basic movements and then connected them together to make a pattern for us. Amanda was also very accommodating with meeting with us last minute as we have an unpredictable work schedule. Within 5 lessons we had a dance that we both felt comfortable preforming in front of family and friends. We look forward to learning other dance styles in the future :)
James L. - Okotoks May 2019
Amanda is an awesome teacher, she breaks the steps down and explains them so well, even I learned how to dance!! And she is a lot of fun to learn with.
Troy D. - Red Deer May 2019
Amanda was very knowledgeable, helpful, and patient teaching me a few different styles of dance. Highly recommended.
Kendra - Red Deer May 2019
My fiancé and I started taking dance lessons with Amanda to prepare us for our first dance at our wedding this August. We are so happy we chose Amanda. She has been very patient with our lack of dance skills, LOL and has made it fun along the way! Amanda is very knowledgeable and we have learnt so much since day one! We would definitely recommend Amanda to family and friends!
Mila - Red Deer May 2019
Expect top notch individualized professional dance instruction (Wayne Gretzky level if this was hockey) but Amanda with her broad experience can teach the basics just as well and then take you to the most advanced levels of dancing if you wish. What I like in particular is the unique instructor’s flexibility in teaching such as willingness to teach outside the controlled studio environment. Amanda has taught me to dance on occasion in practical social settings such as public dances to whatever music the bands were playing. I find that to be an invaluable experience.
Brian - Stettler May 2019
Amanda is a great dance teacher, and a lot of fun!! I started learning salsa with Amanda a few years ago, and then added foxtrot, waltz and jive. I entered my first Pro-Am dance competition last spring with Amanda as my partner, and we did very well thanks to Amanda’s instruction. Amanda and I are currently working on a showcase piece that incorporates many different styles of dance. I always look forward to my dance lessons with Amanda because they are fun and challenging.
Steven P. - Red Deer May 2019
Even if "Head, shoulders,  knees and toes, knees and toes" are your best dance moves.  After just a few lessons with Amanda, you'll be able to dance the night away. Worth every penny and highly recommended. 
Michael - Red Deer April 2019
Amanda was great instructionally’ and even greater personality.. It’s one thing to verbally give instruction - but’ even greater being able to kinetically help one’s understanding of the patterns and movement within instruction given at hand, using natural rhythm. For the newbie coming in - a lot of the pressures is the anxieties of being put on the spot and out of realm of comfort... Amanda easily brings about a new light on learning something new. Highly! Recommended...
Kourtney- Red Deer April 2019
One of my friends recommended that my fiance and I take lessons from Amanda to help prepare us for our first dance for our wedding, because the work she does is amazing! We have been SO happy with the entire process! As soon as we took the intro lesson, we knew we wanted more. She is such a wonderful instructor. She's tons of fun, has lots of patience, and is willing to work with people with all ability levels. The experience has been LOADS of fun, and we are looking forward to our final few lessons before the big day! Thank you Amanda :)
Danny - Drayton Valley April 2019
Amanda made the daunting task of learning a complicated dance fun and easy. She is always smiling and energetic. Her patience and ability to communicate make for a great learning environment. She has a passion for dancing that made me look forward to every lesson.
Marty -Calgary April 2019
One hell of a good teacher, I didn’t know nothing at the start and before you knew it. I was spinning the girls around. Highly recommend Amanda as a teacher.
Mike - Calgary March 2019
As a complete rookie dancer I needed somebody with patience and knowledge to help me with my two left feet! Amanda was very friendly and made me feel comfortable right from the start. Her knowledge of various dances and their application to different music is quite remarkable. Excellent instructor for dance lessons!
Britt Dolley - Calgary 2017
My husband and I took dance lessons with Amanda. We wanted to have a choreographed first wedding dance. We came to her after already taking a few (unpleasant) lessons elsewhere and we were so happily surprised by her. Amanda has a great personality and is very fun to be around. Not only is she obviously talented but she is creative and patient. She choreographed a beautiful dance to our song that was within our skill set but still very lovely to watch (and dance). Our guests loved it! While we were working on the dance she was always willing to play around with other ideas or take our suggestions for movements we liked. We felt like the final dance looked like us, we never felt awkward or out of place while dancing it. She really listened to what we wanted. Amanda was even flexible with getting us in last minute and on evenings to make sure we had enough practice. I cannot say enough good things about Amanda. Take your wedding dance lessons with her, she'll make you look like a pro! Thanks again Amanda. You helped make our wedding day even more special.
Jen Kloepfer Goehring - Red Deer 2018

We first Amanda last spring when we took a first dance lesson for 2-stepping. Even in this short period of time, we were impressed how much she could teach us! We learned the basic step that we have used at several weddings since then!

We recently used Amanda again for a 5-6 wedding dance lesson package. During this time, we learned a choreographed dance routine for our chosen first dance song ... I had always envisioned an awesome first dance at my wedding! Amanda ensured we were comfortable with each dance pattern prior to moving on and piecing it together. She was also available via text when we were practicing and forgot a few moves. And extremely flexible with booking lessons given our crazy work schedules!

We discussed my dress and its length relative to shoes. She gave me recommendations as to what to wear and how to ensure we could perform the same choreographed dance on our wedding day.

We did move quicker than planned on our wedding day, but we had a lot of compliments from our guests. It is a great memory for us! And an amazing growing experience for both my husband and I - we had so much fun taking lessons together!

I would highly recommend Amanda for dance lessons of any type of event.

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