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Unless it is a Waltz or Marching, most music is in 4/4 time
So theoretically... you could do any dance to any song and be "on-time"
But Rhythm or how the song/music is set up would narrow down the choice of the best suited dances for you.

For example: A Country song does not mean only Two-Step. Yes you could Two-Step to them all (apart from 3/4 Waltz) some may be very slow or some may be very fast, but you could dance "on-time or have the choice to dance "half-time" or "double-time" to make them feel more comfortable. There are 8 competitive Country Dances.

Another example: The song La Bamba (I think most of you will know that one!); well even if you cannot differentiate all genres of music, that one is know as a Latin style song, and a slow Salsa would be a good dance suited to that song. A Latin (street) dance to a Latin song. Salsa's equal count steps work well within the sets of 4 beats. BUT you could absolutely Two-Step to it if that is the only dance you know and felt the urge to hit the dance floor. It would be a slow Two-Step done to the true timing of the song and "double-time would be a little too fast to handle comfortably for most, but you could dance Two-Step "on-time" to La Bamba. Of course if you knew Salsa too, then this would be a better suited choice, but hey, don't restrict your chances of hitting the floor. If you only know one dance you could be waiting a while for the perfect song to come on!

If you saw Professional Dancers dancing some advanced moves in any one of over 20 dances ranging from Country, Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Swing or Tango, would you really be able to specify what dance they were doing? Probably not most of the time. So... If they look good and are "on-time" it would not matter what dance they were doing to the song playing, (realistically unless they were in a competition), they are enjoying their dance time and looking fabulous. Enough said lol
If you are interested while taking lessons, I will guide you through more of these variables. It will help you understand music and dance a bit better and create a whole new world of dance for you!

First Lead-Follow Dance in close position

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