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Amanda Fleet Dance Instructor

I started dancing at 8 years old at a local school in the UK. I teamed up with a great partner and we progressed on to advanced training with high level professionals after winning all the local competitions. Matthew and I went on to winning the prestigious Blackpool International Championship and the World Championship at the Royal Albert Hall in London. We danced in Paris representing the UK. I got certification within all the levels of the Ballroom and Latin syllabus. Life got busy and I took a break from dancing for a while.

After emigrating to Canada around 14 years ago I found dance again. This time I expanded my skillset in to the Country and West Coast Swing world. Within my first year I plunged in to a few competitions and achieved 2nd place in Nashville at the UCWDC Country Dance Competition in my division.

I love to dance and love the dance community. I have made many friends all over the world, travelled and put my heart and soul in to learning the fundamentals and various techniques that make each dance their own. Lead and follow is a skill in itself! Dancing brings joy, expression through dance is unique to each individual and is very therapeutic.

I teach both lead and follow, ladies styling, turning techniques, body isolations, step patterns, music timing and rhythm, social variations and always insist on having a ton of fun whilst adding this useful social skillset to your life! Partner dancing covering over 20 dances within Country, Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, Swing and Argentine Tango.

Add a little dance to your life..... You won't regret it! Amanda Fleet

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